International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation ISAP 2006

number title/author
3POS-1Beam Scanning Comb-Line Antenna Loading Movable Dielectric Plate
Kazuhiro Kitatani, Takahiko Terada, Yasuyuki Okamura,
3POS-10A high-performance five-band handset antenna using a dielectric feed
B. S. Collins, D. Iellici, R. Schlub,
3POS-11Technical Analysis for Sharing Frequency Spectrum
Taekjin Hwang, Sanggee Kang, Heonjin Hong,
3POS-12Maximum Transmission Through Slits in Adjacent Parallel Conducting Plates
Jong-Ig Lee, Hwan-Yong Jung, Young-Soon Lee, Young-Ki Cho,
3POS-13Analysis of Mutual coupling, correlations, and TARC in MIMO antenna array
Sung ho Chae, Se-keun Oh, Seong-Ook Park,
3POS-14Model-Based Inversion of 2-D Scattering Problems
Mansor Nakhkash, Reza Saadat, Mehdi Fallah,
3POS-15Numerical Investigation of Effects of Wall Reflection on Indoor MIMO Channel Capacity
XiaoPeng YANG, Qiang CHEN, Kunio SAWAYA,
3POS-16Light Scattering by a Chain of Electrically Small Plasmonic Particles
Hao-Yuan She, Le-Wei Li, Soo Jin Chua,
3POS-17Application of Quasi-Static Approximation Technique for Dipole Antenna Analysis to Bioelectromagnetic Problems
Pornanong Pongpaibool, Kanako Wake, Soichi Watanabe, Takuji Arima, Toru Uno,
3POS-18Feasibility Analysis about RCS Reduction Effect to apply RAM on Submarine
Geun-sik Bae, Yoon-deock Lee, Che-young Kim,
3POS-19Analogue phase-shifter employing fluid-filled connected micro-cavities
Hongyan Tang, R.S.Donnan, C.G.Parini,
3POS-2Experimental Investigations into Grating Lobe Suppression in Distributed Array Antennas
Kazushi Nishizawa, Kazufumi Hirata, Shin-ichiro Kan, Hiroaki Miyashita, Shigeru Makino,
3POS-20Electromagnetic Scattering Properties in a Multilayered Metamaterial Cylinder
Cheng-Wei Qiu, Hai-Ying Yao, Said Zouhdi, Le-Wei Li,
3POS-21A Design of Unilateral Microwave Transistor Amplifiers in the CCITL System
R. Silapunt, Danai Torrungrueng,
3POS-3Modeling in Education of Antennas
Milos Mazanek, Pavel Hazdra, Petr Piksa, Stanislav Zvanovec, Rastislav Galuscak,
3POS-4A novel design of differential phase shifters and baluns with arbitrary bandwidth using Composite Right/Left-Handed Transmission Lines(CRLHTL)
Li Hu, Xin Hu, Sailing He,
3POS-5Experimental Evaluation of Capon’s Beam Former Applied to a Non-uniformly Arranged Distributed Array
Kazufumi Hirata, Kazushi Nishizawa, Shoji Matsuda, Hiroaki Miyashita, Shigeru Makino,
3POS-6Calculation Approach of Effective Permittivity at the Interface of Dielectric Media in FDTD
Kyeong-Sik Min, Manh-Dat Vu,
3POS-7Improvement of Accuracy of Fixed Point Arithmetic FDTD Method
3POS-82x2 MIMO Testbed Employing a Semi-Blind Channel Estimation
K.S. Bialkowski, P. Uthansakul, M.E. Bialkowski, A. Postula,
3POS-9Gain incremental binomial array antenna with ground embedded ring-sector slots
J. W. Baik, S. J. Kim, Y.-S. Kim,