International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation ISAP 2008

number title/author
3C23-1Electric Fields in a Small Reinforced Concrete House near a Cellular Phone Base Station
Hsing-Yi Chen, Tsu-Yen Su,
3C23-2Axial-Rotation Beamwidth Adjustable Arrays For Wireless Communications
Senglee Foo, Bill Vassilakis,
3C23-3Compact Repeater Antenna System with Extremely High Isolation in the 800MHz band
Masayuki Nakano, Takashi Inoue,
3C23-4Base Station Antenna Equivalent Apertures Theory
A. A. Nanos, K. Siakavara, T. Samaras, J. N. Sahalos,
3C23-5Reduction in Mutual Coupling of Separated Tx/Rx ACPA Comprising Trapezoidal Elements
Huiling Jiang, Ryo Yamaguchi, Keizo Cho,