International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation ISAP 2006

number title/author
3C1b-1Compact Rectangular Microstrip Antenna with Open End Meandering Slots in the Ground Plane for Bandwidth Enhancement
Usha Kiran K., R. M. Vani, Ravi M. Yadahalli, P. V. Hunagund, Sara F. Farida,
3C1b-2A Printed UWB Diversity Antenna
Haiping Zhao, Libiao Liu, Terence S. P. See, Zhi Ning Chen, Max J. Ammann,
3C1b-3Modified Truncated Patch Antenna for S-Band Wireless Power Transmission Rectenna
Mazlina Esa, Ikhwan Peranggi Pohan, Jasmy Yunus, Noor Asniza Murad,
3C1b-4A Parallel Multilevel Fast Multipole Algorithm for GRID Computing Allowing Optical Full-wave Simulations
Jan Fostier, Femke Olyslager,
3C1b-5Investigation of Application of Higher-Order Elements in FEM
Davood Ansari O.B., Zhang Ya Qiong, Leong Mook Seng, Ooi Ban Leong,
3C1b-6A Fast Iterative Algorithm by Using Current/Voltage Unknowns for Small Antenna Design with Finite Ground Plane
Ken Takei, Youhei shirakawa, Morihiko lkegaya,