1978 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (ISAP1978)

number title/author
3A2-1Singularities of the Input Impedance Functions of Thin Antennas
Chen-To Tai,
3A2-2SEM Characteristics of a Helical Antenna
B. K. Singaraju, R. L. Gardner,
3A2-3Modified Two Planes Self-Complementary Antenna
Takayuki Ishizone, Takeshi Kasahara,
3A2-4Current Distribution and Admittance of an Oblique Antenna above an Inhomogeneous Ground
E. Niver,
3A2-5Impedance of a Monopole Antenna with a Ground Plane Immersed in a Magnetoplasma
Md. Abdul Matin,