International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation ISAP 2006

number title/author
3A1b-1Direction of Arrival Estimation of the Maximum Incoming Wave for Number of Arrival Waves Exceeding Degree of Freedom
Naoki ITO, Hiroyuki ARAI,
3A1b-2FastICA-Based Blind Separation of Digital Modulation signals for Radio Surveillance
Mitsuharu Imai, Koichi Ichige, Hiroyuki Arai,
3A1b-3DOA Estimation of Coherent Waves by Using Spatial Smoothing Preprocessings in Transmitter
Natsumi ENDO, Hiroyoshi YAMADA, Yoshio YAMAGUCHI,
3A1b-4Simple Calibration Technique for Arrays with Single-mode Elements Based on Mutual Impedance Matrix
Hiroyoshi Yamada, Masayuki Morishita, Yoshio Yamaguchi,
3A1b-5Experimental Study of MUSIC-Based DOA Estimation by Using Universal Steering Vector
Qiaowei YUAN, Qiang CHEN, Kunio SAWAYA,
3A1b-6IQ Modulator-based Phase Shifters Combined with Butler Matrix for Smart 2.4 GHz Antennas
Joko Suryana,