International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation 2016, Okinawa, Japan

number title/author
2E2-1New Techniques for Realizing Desired Raiation Patterns of Antennas and Arrays Mounted on Complex Platforms
Raj Mittra, Chao Li,
2E2-2Far-Field Orthogonality of Volume-Based Characteristic Modes for Real Materials
Zachary T Miers,
2E2-3Ray Tracing Analysis of Asymptotic Capacity Based on TCM
Minori Sasaki, Naoki Honma, Keisuke Konno, Qiang Chen, Yoshitaka Tsunekawa,
2E2-4Relations between the Characteristic Modes(CMs)and the X Modes(XMs)
Jiang-Feng Lin, Qing-Xin Chu,
2E2-5Efficient Interpolation of Characteristic Modes
Qi Wu, Zhao Yang, Donglin Su,