International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation ISAP 2008

number title/author
2D04-1Verification of Compensation Effect of Quasi-Inverse Filter in Wideband Communication System
Mitoshi FUJIMOTO, Toshikazu HORI,
2D04-2AP Line Search-based Joint Estimation of Carrier Frequency Offset and Channel Response in Uplink OFDMA
Hsien-Kwei Ho, Jean-Fu Kiang,
2D04-3Low-Voltage UWB Low-Noise Amplifier
Yi-Jane Sie, Jean-Fu Kiang,
2D04-4Circuits for UWB Signal Generation and Radiation
Mithilesh Kumar, Ananjan Basu, Shiban K. Koul,
2D04-5UWB Antenna Array with Comb Taper Slot Antenna Elements
Chao-Hsiang Liao, Dau-Chyrh Chang, Powen Hsu,