International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation ISAP 2008

number title/author
2A02-1Radiation Patterns of On-Vehicle Antenna for Simplified Numerical Vehicle Models
Tomohito Shoji, Mitsuru Muramoto, Takashi Hikage, Manabu Omiya,
2A02-2Direction Finding of OFDM Signals
Kazuhiro SATOYOSHI, Yoshihiko KUWAHARA,
2A02-3Correlation Characteristics between Vertically and Horizontally Polarized Components of Arriving Radio Wave during Shadowing by Human Body
Tokio Taga, Tetsuro Imai,
2A02-4Improvement of 3D Ray Tracing Simulation in Microcell Environment by Introducing the Complex Radar Cross Section
Yukiko Kishiki, Jun-ichi Takada,
2A02-5Characterization of UWB Clustering Channel Model in Indoor Laboratory Environments
Narges Noori, Roghieh Karimzadeh Baee, Ali Abolghasemi,