IEICE Information and Communication Technology Forum 2014

number title/author
COMM1-1Intelligent Signal Processing for Optical Communication
Darko Zibar,
COMM1-2Formative Assessment as a Technique for Improving Student Engagement and Learning Effectiveness in Self-regulated E-learning Environment
Ikpe-Justice Akpan,
COMM1-3Looking Ahead to 5G
Reza Holakouei,
COMM1-4Call Blocking Probabilities in a W-CDMA cell with interference cancellation and bandwidth reservation
Ioannis Moscholios, Georgios Kallos, Maria Katsiva, Vassilios Vassilakis, Michael Logothetis,
COMM1-5Multirate Retry Loss Models Supporting Elastic Traffic of Quasi-Random Input
Ioannis Moscholios, Vassilios Vassilakis, John Vardakas, Michael Logothetis,