IEICE Information and Communication Technology Forum 2016

number title/author
B4-01SDN and NFV for Satellite Infrastructures
George Agapiou,
B4-02Internet of Things (IoT): Micro-location and Smart Buildings
Ioannis Papapanagiotou,
B4-03On the Energy Efficiency Performance of Power Line Communication Systems
Khaled Rabie,
B4-1A Virtual Microgrid Aggregator Platform for Distributed and Small-Scale RES Prosumers' Management
Emmanuel Varvarigos, Prodromos Makris, Dimitrios J. Vergados, Ioannis Mamounakis,
B4-2Design and characterization of an integrated Remote Access Unit for wireless communication
Katrin Rylander, Sylwester Latkowski, Erwin Bente, Ronald Broeke, Dimitris Tsiokos, Nikos Pleros, Andres Sosa, Tolga Tekin, Arjen Bakker,
B4-3A System Level Simulator for Reliable Smart Energy Networks
Stefano Tennina, Dionysis Xenakis, Mattia Boschi, Andrea Colarieti, Nikos Passas, Dimitris Tsolkas,
B4-4Jamming and Black Hole Attacks in the Smart Grid with Perfect Detection of Malicious Nodes
Dionysis Xenakis, Anastasia Tsiota, Nikos Passas,
B4-5Peak Demand Reduction Through Demand Control: A Mathematical Analysis
John Vardakas, Ioannis Zenginis, Maria Oikonomakou,