The 2020 International Conference on Emerging Technologies for Communications

number title/author
A4-1Development of an Active Millimeter Wave Imaging System Using Leaky-Wave Focusing Antenna
Kevin Kipruto Mutai, Hiroyasu Sato, Qiang Chen,
A4-2An Invisible MIMO Antenna Integrated within a Touch Screen Panel for 5G Smartphone
KOSUKE Fujita, MASAHARU Takahashi,
A4-3A Study of Heart Waveforms Simulation with Liner Actuator for 77GHz FMCW Radar
Hayato Shinohara, Yaokun Hu, Takeshi Toda,
A4-4A Study of Heart Rate Estimation on Empirical Mode Decomposition with mm-Wave FMCW Radar
Ryosuke Koyanaka, Yaokun Hu, Takeshi Toda,
A4-5Design of Dual-Beam Switchable Self-Oscillating Active Array Antenna Integrating Positive Feedback Type Push-Push Oscillator and PSK Modulator
Maodudul HASAN, Eisuke NISHIYAMA, Takayuki TANAKA, Ichihiko TOYODA,