The 2020 International Conference on Emerging Technologies for Communications

number title/author
A3-1Theoretical Analysis of Sheathed Dipole Antenna with PVC-cover for Seawater Use
Xu Shuangyue, Sato Hiroyasu, Chen Qiang,
A3-2Beam Gain Management under 3-dimensional Interference Constraint for High Efficiency Spectrum Sharing
Rei Hasegawa, Yuzo Moriuchi, Noriyui Shimizu, Takeshi Yasunaga, Hideki Kanemoto,
A3-3Basic concept of dual-band differential rectenna for 2.45- and 5.8- GHz Wireless Power Transfer
Kento Saito, Eisuke Nishiyama, Ichihiko Toyoda,
A3-4Identification of bedsore stages using electromagnetic waves for noncontact detection system
Hiroki Kobayashi, Masaharu Takahashi,
A3-5An Effect of Coherent Integration Method on Pedestrian Detection in Urban-Narrow Bicycle-Pedestrian-Road with 77GHz FMCW Radar
Taik Irie, Yaokun Hu, Takeshi Toda,