number title/author
296Multilevel modeling platform and its application for modeling in neuroscience
Yoshiyuki Asai, Hideki Oka, Alessandro E. P. Villa, Hiroaki Kitano,
300Learning and memory phenomena in a complex sensory environment: a neuroheuristic approach
J. Cabessa, Y. Asai, J. Iglesias, P. Dutoit, A. Lintas, A.E.P. Villa,
304Graph analysis on simulate hierarchical complex networks dynamic structure
Vincent Buntinx, Vladyslav Shaposhnyk, Alessandro E.P. Villa,
308Mechanism-Based Models of Neurons and Synapses for Multi-Level Simulations of Brain Functions
Hans A. Braun, Svetlana Postnova,
312Multi-Scale Causation in Brain Dynamics
Hans Liljenström,