2013 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Theory

number title/author
24PM1D-01Evaluation of Electromagnetic Scattering from Heterogeneous Soils for Ground-Penetrating Radar Measurements through a Simple Modeling
Kazunori Takahashi, Jan Igel, Holger Preetz, Motoyuki Sato,
24PM1D-02Radio Channel Models for Search-and-Rescue Missions into Collapsed Structures
Claude Oestges,
24PM1D-03Imaging of Objects Near Rough Surfaces Based on Time-reversal Signal Processing and Surface Flattening Transform
Akira Ishimaru, Ce Zhang, M. Stoneback, Yasuo Kuga,
24PM1D-05Wireless interfaces for sensor networks embedded in tough environments
Nicolas Carvallo, Riccardo Stefanelli, Daniele Trinchero,