2013 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Theory

number title/author
24AM1E-01The Far Field Asymptotics in Diffraction by a Plane Sector
Mikhail A. Lyalinov,
24AM1E-02Gaussian Beam Propagator Scattering by a Fast Moving Perfectly Conducting Circular Cylinder
Eliran Mizrahi, Timor Melamed,
24AM1E-03Gaussian Beam Diffraction by a Fast Moving Wedge
Ram Tuvi, Timor Melamed,
24AM1E-04Extreme parameters in systropic spherical scatterers
Tommi Rimpiläinen, Henrik Wallén, Henrik Kettunen, Ari Sihvola,
24AM1E-05Mixtures and Composite Particles: Correspondence of Effective Description
Ari Sihvola, Henrik Kettunen, Henrik Wallén,
24AM1E-06Diffraction of a Skew Incident Electromagnetic Surface Wave at an Impedance Wedge
Ning Yan Zhu, Mikhail A. Lyalinov,
24AM1E-07Complex-Source Beam Diffraction by a Wedge: Exact and Complex Rays Solutions
Michael Katsav, Ehud Heyman, Ludger Klinkenbusch,