2013 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Theory

number title/author
24AM1D-01Dielectric Multilayers for Antenna and Cloaking Devices Designed from Transformation Electromagnetics
Yijun Feng, Shuai Xiong, Xiaofei Xu, Bo Zhu, Junming Zhao, Tian Jiang,
24AM1D-02Surface wave Maxwell fish eye lens
R. C. Mitchell-Thomas, O. Quevedo-Teruel, R. Yang, Y. Hao,
24AM1D-03New Strategies for Antenna and Cloak Designs Using Electromagnetic Field Manipulation
Raj Mittra, Yuda Zhou,
24AM1D-04A Personal Perspective on CRLH Antennas
C. Caloz,
24AM1D-05An Efficient, Electrically Small Antenna with Large Impedance Bandwidth Simultaneously with High Directivity and Large Front-to-Back Ratio
Richard W. Ziolkowski, Ming-Chun Tang, Ning Zhu,
24AM1D-06Metasurfaces designed by coordinate transformations
Enrica Martini, Stefano Maci,
24AM1D-07Directive Radiation of a Line-Source Inside an Anisotropic Material Slab via Transformation Electromagnetics
Seyed Hassan Sedighy, Caner Guclu, Mohammad Khalaj Amirhosseini, Filippo Capolino,