2013 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Theory

number title/author
24AM1A-01Uniform Asymptotic Solutions for Scattered Field by a Coated Conducting Cylinder
Le Hoang Loc, Keiji Goto,
24AM1A-02Reflection Properties from Dielectric Grating Structures Containing Photonic Crystal Grating
Mitsuhiro Yokota, Kitaro Yoshizuru,
24AM1A-03MoM Analysis of Radiation and Scattering of Broadband Array Antenna
Tai Tanaka, Yasuhiro Nishioka, Yoshio Inasawa, Yoshihiko Konishi,
24AM1A-04Scattering of a Gaussian Beam by the End-Face of a Three-Dimensional Waveguide System
Akira Komiyama,
24AM1A-05Scattering by inhomogeneities in parallel plate waveguides
Gerhard Kristensson,
24AM1A-06Electromagnetic Wave Scattering from Lossy Polygonal Cylinders
An N. Nguyen, Hiroshi Shirai,