2013 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Theory

number title/author
23PM2D-01SAR Evaluation for Multiple Wireless Communication Devices inside a Vehicle
Yinliang Diao, Wei Nong Sun, Kwok Hung Chan, Sai Wing Leung, Yun Ming Siu,
23PM2D-02A Dosimetric Study using Best-fit Cole-Cole Parameters of Biological Tissues and Organs in Radio Frequency Band
Kensuke Sasaki, Kanako Wake, Soichi Watanabe,
23PM2D-03Performance of Fully Fabric Wearable Circular Patch Antennas in the Vicinity of Human Body at 2.45 GHz
S. Sankaralingam, Sayantan Dhar, Sanghamitra Dasgupta, Bhaskar Gupta,