2013 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Theory

number title/author
23PM1P-01Synthesis of Symmetric and Asymmetric Triple-Stopband Microwave Filter using Frequency Transformation
Seema Awasthi, Animesh Biswas, Mohammed Jaleel Akhtar,
23PM1P-02A Design of 79 GHz Band Coaxial Waveguide Transition using Finline Built on High-Permittivity Substrate
Aya Ishikawa, Tetsuji Uebo,
23PM1P-03Optimization of Low Noise Amplifier Designs by Genetic Algorithms
Hao-Hui Chen, Ming-Huei Chen, Cheng-Yu Tsai,
23PM1P-04Basic Characteristics of Various PAGS Structures on Semiconducting Substrate for Application to Miniaturization of RF Components
Jang-Hyeon Jeong, Sung-Jo Han, Ki-Jun Son, Young Yun,
23PM1P-05A High Performance CMOS Cascode Mixer For Application to Wireless Maritime Communication System
Sung-Jo Han, Jang-Hyeon Jeong, Eui-Hoon Jang, Ki-Jun Son, Young Yun,
23PM1P-06Frequency Domain Analysis for Optical Propagation using Yee Lattice
Tatsuya Usuki,
23PM1P-07Analytically Based Extraction of Foster-Like Frequency-Independent Antenna Equivalent Circuits
Diego Caratelli, Nadia Haider, Alexander Yarovoy,
23PM1P-08Rotational Circular Split Ring Resonator Loaded CPW for Compact Multi-Band Notch Applications
C. Saha, J.Y. Siddiqui,
23PM1P-11High-voltage equipment electromagnetic spectrum study for estimation of its technical state and prediction of the residual life
Nikolay V. Silin, Nikolay V. Korovkin, Masashi Hayakawa,
23PM1P-12FDTD Analysis of Unwanted Emissions from a Variable Capacitor with Sinusoidal Motion
Yuhei Shimizu, Akimasa Hirata, Michiko Kuroda,
23PM1P-14UWB Phased Array Antennas for High Resolution Radars
R. GHolami, H. Mehrpourbernety, B. Zakeri,
23PM1P-15Numerical Analysis of Conical Horn with Dielectric Lens in Free-Space Method
Junichi Tsutsumi, Koichi Hirayama, Takashi Yasui, Yasuhide Tsuji,
23PM1P-16Dependence on Spot Size and Exposure Duration to Thermal Sensation by Millimeter-Wave Exposure at 60 GHz
Kanako Wake, Watanabe Soichi, Atsuhiro Nishikata, Hiroyuki Enomoto, Yoshikazu Ugawa,
23PM1P-17An Analysis of the Periodic Waveguide by Thick Capacitive Iris Using the FDTD Method
Masaki Kishi, Eiki Kabasawa, Takashi Kuroki, Toshihiko Shibazaki, Teruhiro Kinoshita,
23PM1P-18Formulation of Electromagnetic Scattering from Surface-Relief Grating with Period Modulation
Koki Watanabe,
23PM1P-19Efficient Modelling of an RF MEMS Capacitive Shunt Switch with Artificial Neural Networks
Taeyoung Kim, Zlatica Marinković, Vera Marković, Marija Milijić, Olivera Pronić-Rančić, Larissa Vietzorreck,
23PM1P-20Electromagnetic Scattering from Multiple Objects by Superposition Solution Combined with Method of Moments
Masahiro Tanaka, Kazuo Tanaka,
23PM1P-22Studies on a Cavity-Backed Slot Antenna Made of a Conductive Textile Bent along a Spherical Surface
Masashi Komeya, Hitoshi Shimasaki,
23PM1P-242-port cavity-backed slot antenna for reducing matching loss
Sumin Yun, Sangwook Nam, Youngki Cho,
23PM1P-26Analysis of the Electromagnetic Field Scattered by a Spherical Breast Tumour Model
İlhami Ünal, Bahattin Turetken, Umut Bulus, Cahit Canbay,
23PM1P-27Development of Line-Shaped Microwave plasma with Rectangular Slotted Waveguide at Atmospheric Pressure
Taiji Sakai, Masakazu Hara, Kazuo Uematsu, Haruo Shindo,
23PM1P-29Ultra Low Profile, Unbalanced Fed Inverted F Antenna for 2.45 GHz Wireless Communication System
Erfan Rohadi, Mitsuo Taguchi,
23PM1P-30Wall-through Radar Modeling by Applying Array-factor and GTD Near-field
Mao Inami, Hirokazu Kobayashi, Yoshio Yamaguchi, Hiroyoshi Yamada,