2013 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Theory

number title/author
21PM1B-01Accurate and Highly Convergent Solution of Integral Equations for Electromagnetic Problems
Su Yan, Jian-Ming Jin, Zaiping Nie,
21PM1B-02On the Boundary Element Methods with Müller’s formulation for electromagnetic scattering problems in periodic domains
Kazuki Niino, Naoshi Nishimura,
21PM1B-03Full wave analysis of EM wave propagation over terrain using the Improved Tabulated Interaction Method
Dung Trinh-Xuan, Raj Mittra, Conor Brennan,
21PM1B-04Matrix Equilibration in Method of Moment Solutions of Surface Integral Equations
Branko Kolundzija, Milan Kostic,
21PM1B-05GMM: A flexible framework for including multiple approximation functions in integral equation solvers
D. Dault, N.V. Nair, B. Shanker, L.C. Kempel,
21PM1B-06Surface Integral Equation Methods in Nanophotonics
L. Landesa, J. M. Taboada, D. M. Solís, J. Rivero, L. Bote, M. G. Araújo, F. Obelleiro,