2019 Joint International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility and Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Sapporo

number title/author
TuePM2A.1Setting Reference Level in Human Safety Guidelines Via Cortical Nerve Activation Intercomparison at IF
Jose Gomez-Tames, Akimasa Hirata, Essam Rashed, Thomas Tarnaud, Emmeric Tanghe, Tom Van de Steene, Wout Joseph, Luc Martens,
TuePM2A.2The Effect of Static Magnetic Field Exposure to Drivers Cognitive Ability
Yaqing He, Peter Sai Wing Leung,
TuePM2A.4Circuit Design for Common-Mode Noise Rejection in Biosignal Acquisition Based on Imbalance Cancellation of Electrode Contact Resistance
Minghui Chen, Daisuke Anzai, Jianqing Wang, Georg Fischer,