2009 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Kyoto

number title/author
24P1-1Possibilities for the EM Absorber and Shielding by Use of Metamaterials
T. Tsutaoka, K. Hatakeyama, T. Kasagi,
24P1-2Tunable EM-wave Absorber Below 1 GHz Using Diode Grid and Its Evaluation by Large Stripline
R. Miyazaki, A. Nishikata, T. Aoyagi, Y. Kotsuka,
24P1-3Metamaterial Wave Absorber to Improve Oblique Incident Characteristics
T. Aoyagi, K. Murano, A. Nishikata, Y. Kotsuka,
24P1-4A New Composite Absorbing Material-Metamaterial Featuring Strong Synergistic Effect
A. A. Vogt, H. A. Kolodziej, A. E. Sowa,
24P1-5Electromagnetic Bandgap (EBG) Structure Using Open Stubs to Suppress Power Plane Noise
H. Toyao,
24P1-6Efficient Modelling of Band-Gap and Metamaterial Structures in EMC
H. Wakatsuchi,