2009 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility, Kyoto

number title/author
23S2-1Field Survey of Power Frequency Magnetic Field under Living and Business Environments
K. Tanaka, Y. Mizuno, K. Naito,
23S2-2ELF Environmental Exposure of the Population A Case Study in a Small City, South of Paris, France
A. Azoulay, O. Merckel,
23S2-3Static Magnetic Field Disturbance near Water - Water Nuclear Reactor Core at Attainment of Power
V. P. Goncharov,
23S2-4APD Measurements for Characterization and Evaluation of Radio Interference in Steel Mill
J. Chilo, C. Karlsson, P. Ängskog, P. Stenumgaard,
23S2-5A Remote Monitoring System of High Frequency Electromagnetic Field in a Magnetic Confinement Fusion Test Facility
M. Tanaka, S. Takami, T. Uda, J. Wang,
23S2-6Broadband Measurement of Spread Spectrum Signals
D. Trinchero, R. Stefanelli, F. Longobardi, L. Anglesio, A. Benedetto, S. Trinchero, M. Borsero,