2004 International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility

number title/author
1D1-1Radiation characteristics of a transmission line with a side plate
T. Nakamura, N. Takase, R. Sato,
1D1-2The influence of the dielectric thickness upon transmission/radiation characteristics of MSL with a bend
H. Endo,
1D1-3Radiation from a parallel-two-wire line covered with dielectric tube
Y. Kuboyama, R. Sato,
1D1-4Radiated immunity/susceptibility test method using slowly rotating electromagnetic wave
Y. Kami, F. Xiao, K. Murano,
1D1-5The complex antenna factor and waveform reconstruction
T. Iwasaki,
1D1-6New technologies of harmonic suppression control in power system
N. Matsui, A. Kawamura, T. Ohnishi, T. Takeshita, H. Ukai, M. Saito, K. Ohnishi,
1D1-7Common-mode noise reduction techniques for switched- mode power converters
T. Ninomiya, M. Shoyama, N. Mutoh, H. Hayakawa,
1D1-8Control of unintentional electromagnetic waves from digital circuits: efficient EMC modeling of devices and PCBs
R. Koga, O. Wada, Y. Toyota, K. Fujimori, T. Miyashita, N. Kagawa, T. Watanabe,
1D1-9Quantitative evaluation of common-mode radiation from a PCB based on imbalance difference model
T. Watanabe, O. Wada,