The 16th Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium (APNOMS2014)

number title/author
TS8-1A Novel Traffic Information Estimation Method Based on Mobile Network Signaling
Ling-Chih Kao, Zsehong Tsai,
TS8-2Path Capacity Estimation by Passive Measurement for the Constant Monitoring of Every Network Path
Naoyoshi Ohkawa , Yuji Nomura,
TS8-3Building a CDR analytics platform for real-time services
Chia-Chun Shih, Chi-Chang Huang, Bo Ting Lin, Chao Wen Huang, Wan-Hsun Hu, Chien-Wei Cheng,
TS8-4Performance Analysis and Validation of High QoS Route Navigation for Mobile Users
Kenji Kanai, Jiro Katto, Tutomu Murase,