The 16th Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium (APNOMS2014)

number title/author
S2-1Model for Cost Evaluation of OSS Data Integration
Naoki Take, Manabu Nishio,
S2-10An energy-saving mechanism for mobile terminals based on LTE-A uplink CoMP
Bin Wen, Wenjing Li, Lei Feng, Peng Yu, Yang Yang,
S2-11A Load Balance Algorithm Based on Nodes Performance in Hadoop Cluster
Zhipeng Gao, Dangpeng Liu, Yang Yang , Yuwen Hao,
S2-12Routing Algorithm of Smart Grid Data Collection based on Data Balance Measurement Model
Jia XiaoChun, Xingyu Chen, Sujie Shao, Qi Feng,
S2-13Opportunistic Resource Allocation via Stochastic Network Optimization in Cognitive Radio Networks
Tai Ho, Tuan Le, Ahsan Kazmi, Choong Seon Hong,
S2-14e-VeMAC: An Enhanced Vehicular MAC Protocol to Mitigate the Exposed Terminal Problem
VanDung Nguyen, Duc Dang, Sungman Jang, Choong Seon Hong,
S2-15SQUARE: FF on CUBIC TCP over Links with Differenct RTT
Tomoki Kozu,
S2-16Sensor Failure Detection and Recovery Mechanism Based on Support Vector and Genetic Algorithm
Zhu Jiehui, Yang Yang, Xuesong Qiu, Zhipeng Gao,
S2-17An Efficient Provisioning Mechanism for In-Service Migration in Access Network
Ya-Shian Wang, Ya-Ping Huang, Chin-Ping Chuang,
S2-18Assessing the Quality of Experience of HTTP Video Streaming Considering the Effects of Pause Position
Ruiyi Wang, Yang Geng, Yifan Ding, Yang Yang, Wenjing Li,
S2-19UDP Traffic Classification Using Most Distinguished Port
Qianli Zhang, Yunlong Ma, Jilong Wang, Xing Li,
S2-2User Experience Optimization for Personal Services
Ming-Huei Chen, Shih-Ming Lin, Gong-You Chen, Chun- Chi Chen, Hung-Chi Chan,
S2-20A Scalable Flow Rule Translation Implementation For Software Defined Security
Hao Tu, Weiming Li, Dong Li, Junqing Yu,
S2-21SDN-based architecture for end-to-end path provisioning in the mixed circuit and packet network environment
Seongbok Baik, Chan-Kyou Hwang, Young-Woo Lee,
S2-22A Pipe-Assisted Mobility Management in Named Data Networking Networks
Chen Yuh-Shyan, De-Yi Huang, Cih-Shun Hsu,
S2-3Linux Kernel-based Feature Selection for Android Malware Detection
Hwan-Hee Kim, Mi-Jung Choi,
S2-4Synergy-aware Selection Mechanism for High Quality and Sustainability of Ubiquitous Services
Xiyue Mao, LanLan Rui, Shaoyong Guo, Xuesong Qiu,
S2-5Multiple Features For Image Retrieval In Distributed Datacenter
Di Yang,
S2-6Time and Frequency Transfer System for Synchronization Application
Jia-Lun Wang, Huang-Tien Lin, Chia-Shu Liao,
S2-7The Strategy of Probe Station Selection of Active Probing in WSNs
Hang Zhou, Yang Yang, Xuesong Qiu, Zhipeng Gao,
S2-8Energy Efficient Virtual Network Embedding for Path Splitting
Xiaohua Chen, Chunzhi Li,
S2-9Price Competition in a Duopoly IaaS Cloud Market
Xianwei Li, Cheng Zhang, Kyoko Yamori, Yoshiaki Tanaka, Bo Gu,