The 15th Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium (APNOMS2013)

number title/author
P2-1Hierarchical Resource Management System on Network Virtualization Platform for Reduction of Virtual Network Embedding Calculation
Yohei Katayama, Kazuhisa Yamada, Katsuhiro Shimano, Akihiro Nakao,
P2-10Impact Analysis of the ONE Adapter on the Business of IP/MPLS and Transport Service Providers
Mohammad Hassan Ahmad Osmani, Jorn Altmann,
P2-11Randomized Interconnection Networks in Clouds
Hung-Chang Hsiao, Yu-Chang Chao, Cheng-Lung Chu,
P2-12Processing Speed Improvement of Traffic Classification based on Payload Signature Hierarchy
Jihyeok Choi, Myung-Sup Kim,
P2-13Multi-Cloud Service Fulfillment Architecture for Enabling Digital Rain Forest
Dah-Sheng Lee, Wei-Te Sung, Shuang-Mei Wang, Jin-Yuan Shun,
P2-14Topology Construction Method for Multi-overlay Sensor Networks
Kajimoto Shuhei, Takuya Asaka,
P2-15A Cost-effective Approach to evaluating Security Vulnerability Scanner
Yuan-Hsin Tung, Shian‐Shyong Tseng, Jen-Feng Shih,
P2-16A Best Practice of Enterprise Information Integration Platform in Telecom Industry
JuTing Teng,
P2-17Effectiveness of Performance Flag Selection for Enhancing the Tor Circuit
Kale Girry, Satoshi Ohzahata, Celimuge Wu, Toshihiko Kato,
P2-2Self-organizing Energy-Saving Mechanism with Base Stations Cooperation for Heterogeneous Cellular Networks
Zi fan Li, Yu Peng, Wenjing Li, Xuesong Qiu,
P2-3Services Paths Planning for Electric Power Communication Network Based on Improved Ant Colony Optimization
Qian Han, Qi Feng, Yulin Su, Qi Li, Xuesong Qiu,
P2-4Virtual machine placement algorithms to minimize physical machine count
Satoru Ohta,
P2-5Calibration of DNS Delegation Misleading
Zheng Wang,
P2-6Integrating Legacy Forwarding Environment to OpenFlow/SDN Control Plane
Fernando Farias, João Júlio Salvatti, Pedro Victor, Antônio Abelém,
P2-7A Ripple Form RSRP Based Algorithm for Load Balancing in Downlink LTE Self-Optimizing Network
Fanqin Zhou, Lei Feng, Peng Yu, Wenjing Li,
P2-8Control Scenario based Energy Savings Scheme on SG-BEMS
BongGyu Koo, Byungdeok Chung, ChiYoung Jang,
P2-9Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Data Transport Methods in Content-Centric Networking
Sin-seok Seo, Joon-Myung Kang, Yoonseon Han, James Hong,