The 18th Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium

number title/author
P1-1Evidence-based Context-aware Log Data Management for Integrated Monitoring System
Tatsuya Sato, Yosuke Himura, Yoshiko Yasuda,
P1-10An Integrated Security Testing Framework for Secure Software Development Life Cycle
Yuan-Hsin Tung, Sheng-Chen Lo, Jen-Feng Shih, Hung-Fu Lin,
P1-11The Monitoring System of Business Support System with Emergency Prediction Based on Machine Learning Approach
Jen Hao Chen, Chao Wen Huang, Chien-Wei Cheng,
P1-12Towards Task Scheduling in A Cloud-Fog Computing System
Qui Pham, Huh Eui-Nam,
P1-13sFlow-Based Resource Utilization Monitoring in Clouds
Muhammad Afaq, Wangcheol Song,
P1-14A SLA-based Spark Cluster Scaling Method in Cloud Environment
Yoori Oh, Jieun Choi, EunJung Song, MoonJI Kim, Yoonhee Kim,
P1-15The Effect of Audiovisual Cross-Modality on QoE of Multi-View Video and Audio IP Transmission
Toshiro Nunome, Kazunori Sako,
P1-16A Crowdsourcing based Road Anomaly Classification System
Ru-Yu Wang, Yi-Ta Chuang, Yi Chih-Wei,
P1-17Development of QoE Initiated Wireless LAN Base Station with DPI Based QoS Control
Shiho Asano, Yoshihiro Ito,
P1-18Congestion Field Detection for Service Quality Improvemnt Using Kernel Density Estimation
Yuki Shitara, Tatsuya Yamazaki, Takumi Miyoshi, Kyoko Yamori,
P1-19Distributed Resource Allocation for Interference Management and QoS Guarantee in Underlay Cognitive Femtocell Networks
Tai Ho, Nguyen H. Tran, S. M. Ahsan Kazmi, Do Hyun Kim, Choong Seon Hong,
P1-2An HMM-based Performance Diagnosis Approach for Hadoop Clusters
Jiacong Li, Ying Wang, Jinke Yu, Shaoyong Guo,
P1-20Policy-based Verification Method for Configurations of Large Network with Header-Space Analyses
Toshio Tonouchi,
P1-21Improving Quality of Experience in P2P IPTV
Yaw-Chung Chen,
P1-22A Optimized Solution of Application Layer Protocol Identification Based on Regular Expressions
Tian Chen,
P1-23Whitelist Representation for FTP Service in SCADA system by using Structured ACL Model
Woosuk Jung, Sung-Min Kim, Young-Hoon Goo, Myung-Sup Kim,
P1-24Mitigating DDoS Attacks towards Top Level Domain Name Service
Lanlan Pan, Xuebiao Yuchi, Yong Chen,
P1-25Security Analysis of a NTRU-based Mutual Authentication Scheme
Raylin Tso,
P1-26Power Modeling of Base Stations Based on Energy Storage Monitoring
Xie Chen, Ao Xiong, Peng Yu, Mingxiong Wang, Wenjing Li,
P1-27Efficient Data Collection for Participatory Sensing using Smartphones
Hiro Onishi, Takuya Asaka,
P1-28A Multi-Applications Comprehensive Traffic Prediction Model for the Electric Power Data Network
Yu Zhou, Ningzhe Xing, Yutong Ji, Wenjing Li, Shaoyong Guo,
P1-29LM-BP based Operation Quality Assessment Method for OTN in Smart Grid
Manman Wu, Shaoyong Guo, Xingyu Chen, Ningzhe Xing, Cheng Zhong,
P1-3Yang Data Model for SFC Control Plane
Soo-Gil Choi, Mi-Jung Choi, Myung-Ki Shin, Seungik Lee,
P1-30RTagCare: Deep Human Activity Recognition Powered by Passive Computational RFID Sensors
Guibing Hu, Xuesong Qiu, Meng Luoming,
P1-31A Two-Layer Hierarchical Framework for Activity Sequence Recognition by Wearable Sensors
Chan Guo-Jing, Lin Dong-Hung, Yi Chih-Wei, Chien-Chao Tseng,
P1-32An Efficient and Reliable Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory System for Autonomous Cars
VanDung Nguyen, Oanh Tran Thi Kim, Tri Nguyen Dang, Seungil Moon, Choong Seon Hong,
P1-33Volume and Irregularity Effects on Massively Multicore Packet Processors
Marat Zhanikeev,
P1-4Auto Scaling of Containerized ACSs for CPE Management
Tse-Han Wang, Yen-Cheng Chen, Chen-Min Hsu, Kai-Sheng Hsu, Hey-Chyi Young,
P1-5Design of Service Abstraction Model for Enhancing Network Provision in Future Network
I Gde Dharma Nugraha, Quyet Nguyen-Van, Tiep Vu Duc, Ngoc Nguyen-Sinh, Alvin Prayuda Juniarta Dwiyantoro, Kyungbaek Kim, Deokjai Choi,
P1-6SFS: A Massive Small File Processing Middleware in Hadoop
YongHua Huo, ZhiHao Wang, XiaoXiao Zeng, Yang Yang, Wenjing Li, Cheng Zhong,
P1-7Crowdsourcing Platform for Collaboration Management in Vulnerability Verification
Hung-Jen Su, Jen-Yi Pan,
P1-8Computational Time Complexity of Allocation Problem for Distributed Servers in Real-time Applications
Seydou Ba, Akio Kawabata, Bijoy Chatterjee, Eiji Oki,
P1-9Primary Reference Time Clocks Performance Monitoring Using GNSS Common-View Technique in Telecommunication Networks
Sammy Siu, Jia-Lun Wang, Wen-Hung Tseng, Chia-Shu Liao and Hsiu-Fang Hu,