2019 International Workshop on Smart Info-Media Systems in Asia

number title/author
RS1-1Research on Bus Data Pre-processing for Traffic Flow Prediction
Shuchen Gao, Hongye Yang, Jiaqi Zhang,
RS1-2Refined Autocorrelation Function for Pitch Detection of Speech
Md. Saifur Rahman, Yosuke Sugiura, Tetsuya Shimamura,
RS1-3Comparison of 3D Reconstruction Methods based on Aerial Images of Traffic Accident
XiaoJia Lu, DongMei Wang, Jian Li,
RS1-4Influence of Image Overlap on Quality of 3D Reconstruction Based on Aerial Images
DongMei Wang, XiaoJia Lu, Jian Li,
RS1-5Biometric Authentication using Evoked EEG by Invisible Visual Stimulation - Feature Extraction Based on Wavelet Transform -
Nozomu Kinjo, Isao Nakanishi,
RS1-6A Relationship between Joint Synergy and Footstep
Shin’ya Okajima, Ken Sasakura, Akitoshi Itai,