12th Optoelectronics and Communications Conference/16th International Conference on Integrated Optics and Optical Fiber Communication

number title/author
13B1-1All-Optical NRZ-to-RZ Format Conversion based on Optical Parametric Amplifier
Henry K. Y. Cheung, Rebecca W. L. Fung, P. C. Chui, Kenneth K. Y. Wong,
13B1-2All-Optical RZ-OOK to RZ-BSPK Conversion Using Cross Phase Modulation
Nattapol Kulsuwan, Pasu Kaewplung,
13B1-3All-Optical NRZ-to-PRZ Converter Based on Cascaded Long-Period Fiber Gratings
Sie-Wook Jeon, Tae-Young Kim, Masanori Hanawa, Youngjoo Chung, Chang-Soo Park,
13B1-440Gbit/s OTDM to 4x10Gbit/s WDM conversion via birefringence switching
L. Xu, P. S. Chan, Y. Liu, H. K. Tsang,
13B1-5Performance of Wavelength Exchange in Anomalous-dispersion Region
Rebecca W. L. Fung, Henry K. Y. Cheung, Kenneth K.Y. Wong,
13B1-6All-Optical XNOR Gate using Fiber Optical Parametric Amplifier
David Ming-Fai Lai, Bill Ping-Piu Kuo, Kenneth Kin-Yip Wong,