12th Optoelectronics and Communications Conference/16th International Conference on Integrated Optics and Optical Fiber Communication

number title/author
13A2-1A study on fault recovery of optical paths in photonic cross-connect systems
S. Yoshida, E. Horiuchi, Y. Baba, Y. Akiyama, K. Onohara, T. Mizuochi, S. Seno,
13A2-2A Study of Equipment Protection for High Availability of Control and Data Planes in Photonic Cross-Connect
K. Onohara, Y. Akiyama, T. Mizuochi, T. Ichikawa, H. Sato, K. Okubo, E. Horiuchi, S. Yoshida, Y. Baba,
13A2-3Fast Generation of Orthogonal Periodic Polynomials and Its Application to Smooth Approximation of the Internet Traffic
Hiroshi Hasegawa, Naoya Matsusue, Ken-ichi Sato,
13A2-4A Study of Optical Fiber Network Capacity Escalation due to Localized Extreme Traffic Increase
Hidenori TAGA,
13A2-5Prefetching Protocol Proxy with Optimal Mirror Selection and Burst Transmission
Tomohiro TSUJI, Junichiro HONMA, Sho SHIMIZU, Yutaka ARAKAWA, Naoaki YAMANAKA,
13A2-6An Algorithm for Resource Optimization of Consolidating Two Coexisting Networks
Z.C. Xie, Lian K. Chen, Raymond H.M. Leung, Calvin C.K. Chan,