12th Optoelectronics and Communications Conference/16th International Conference on Integrated Optics and Optical Fiber Communication

number title/author
12P-1A Wavelength and Converter Assignment Scheme for Decreasing Blocking Probability in Wavelength-Routed Networks
Yukinobu Fukushima, Takahiro Ooishi, Tokumi Yokohira,
12P-10Simulation Results on Transmission of 10Gb/s Optical MSK System with Narrowband Frequency Discrimination Receiver over 560 km Standard Single Mode Fiber without Dispersion Compensation
Thanh Liem Huynh, Thirukkumaran Sivahumaran, Le Nguyen Binh, Khee Khok Pang,
12P-11Performance Analysis of New Switch Architecture for Variable Packet Size
Mohd Shahril Salleh, Kaharudin Dimyati,
12P-12Signal Quality Monitoring of 40 Gb/s Optical Signal Using a Low Bit-Rate Reference Channel
Martin Nordal Petersen, Torger Tokle,
12P-13Investigation of Performance Degradations of DPSK RZ/NRZ Signals Due to Non-Optimal Driving Voltage and MZDI Delay
Muhammad Haris, Jianjun Yu, Gee-Kung Chang,
12P-14Selectable Multicast using Raman-assisted Four-Wave Mixing in Dispersion Shifted Fiber
Kwan Lau, Lixin Xu, S. H. Wang, L.F.K. Lui, P.K.A. Wai, C. Lu, H.Y. Tam,
12P-15Fabrication and Characteristics of Broadband Cr-doped Fibers by Drawing Tower
Yi-Chung Huang, Chien-Chih Lai , Yu-Kuan Lu, Wen-Kuei Liu, Chun-Te Wu, Jau-Sheng Wang, Sheng-Lung Huang, Tao-Yuan Chang, Wood-Hi Cheng,
12P-16Gain and Noise Figure Enhancement through C-band Signal Injection in a Double-Pass L-band EDFA
Kai-Ming Feng, Pi-Jen Tsai,
12P-17Large Effective Area Photonic Crystal Fibers with Negative Dispersion and Ultra-Low Splicing Loss
Nguyen H. Hai, Yoshinori Namihira, Shubi Kaijage, Feroza Begum, Tatsuya Kinjo, S. M. Abdur Razzak, Nianyu Zou,
12P-18A Novel Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensor Based on a Mach-Zehnder Interferometer
Qizhen Sun, Deming Liu, Jian Wang,
12P-19Asymmetrical Raman resonator for multi-wavelength Raman fiber laser
Young-Eun Im, Swook Hann, Dong-Hwan Kim, Chang-Soo Park,
12P-2Experimental analysis of bidirectional WDM networks using two identical sets of wavelengths on a single fiber
H. Obaraand, M. Sakata,
12P-20Design of Dispersionless Fiber Bragg Grating Filters by using Lagrange Multiplier Constrained Optimization Algorith
Cheng-Ling Lee, Ray-Kuang Lee, Shien-Kuei Liaw,
12P-21Effect of EDFA saturation cross talk in direct-detection schemes
P. S. Chan, H. K. Tsang,
12P-22Experimental Demonstration of Wavelength-Selective In-Fiber Optical Intensity Modulation
M. Rajabvand, F. Behnia, M. T. Fatehi,
12P-23Defect-Core Hexagonal-lattice Photonic Crystal Fibers with Flattened Chromatic Dispersion and Low Confinement Loss
Shubi Kaijage, Yoshinori Namihira, Nguyen H. Hai, Feroza Begum, S. M. Abdur Razzak, Tatsuya Kinjo, Jitsuryo Nakahodo, Nianyu Zou,
12P-24A Simple Optical Power Limiter for 40 GHz Pulses based on SOA Saturation
G. Contestabile, M. Presi, R. Proietti, N. Calabretta, E. Ciaramella,
12P-25Low-Cost Undercut-Etching-Active-Region Method to Fabricate Laterally Tapered Active Waveguide for Electroabsorption Modulator and Spot-Size Converters Integratio
F. Z. Lin, S. A. Tsai, T. H. Wu, J. S. You, Y. J. Chiu,
12P-26Power equalization for SOA-based all-optic switch by optical control pulse optimization
Songnian Fu, P. Shum, Y.D.Gong, Xia Li, Huy Quoc Lam,
12P-27A Multiple-Operation-State Optoelectronic Switch
Der-Feng Guo, Jung-Hui Tsai, Ming-Yue Fu,
12P-28Elecrorefractive Effect in InGaAsP Five Layer Asymmetric Coupled Quantum Well (FACQW) for High Performance Optical Modulators
Masayasu Fukuoka, Takahiro Toya, Taro Arakawa, Kunio Tada,
12P-29Wavelength Converter Using an Optical MEMS Switch
Jaemyoung Lee, Joon-Hak Bang,
12P-3A Novel Star-Ring Optical Regional Network Architecture with Dynamic Wavelength/Waveband Broadcast and Select
Yueping Cai, Motoharu Matsuura, Naoto Kishi, Tetsuya Miki,
12P-30Expanding the Bandwidth of Slow and Fast Pulse Propagation in Coupled Micro-resonators
David D. Smith, Hongrok Chang,
12P-31Novel 2x2 Photonic Switch Based on Multimode Interference Effect
Yu Narita, Mitsuhiro Yasumoto, Hiroyuki Tsuda,
12P-32Micro-Spherical Refractive Index Variation Sensor Using High Refractive Index Layer
A. Kobayashi, J. Osawa, H. Okayama, H. Nakajima,
12P-33Formation of MgO:LiNbO3 domain-inverted grating for quasi-phase matching by voltage application with insulation layer cladding
Takashi Tsubouchi, Nobuyuki Horikawa, Masatoshi Fujimura, Toshiaki Suhara,
12P-34DMD Evaluation of Rectangular Optical Waveguide for 10Gbps transmission with Numerical Analysis
Yoshitsugu WAKAZONO, Atsushi SUZUKI, Daisuke NAGAO, Takaaki ISHIKAWA, Tomoyuki HINO, Yoichi HASHIMOTO, Hiroshi MASUDA, Shuji SUZUKI, Mitsuaki TAMURA, Teiichi SUZUKI, Katsuya KIKUCHI, Hiroshi NAKAGAWA, Masahiro AOYAGI, Takashi MIKAWA,
12P-35Cesaro means of Fourier series for designing interleaver filters with planar lightwave circuit-type lattice structure
Juan Zhang,
12P-36High Extinction Ratio of Switched Packets by Two-Stage Four Wave Mixing in Highly Nonlinear Dispersion-Shifted Fiber
Rebecca W. L. Fung, Henry K. Y. Cheung, C. H. Kwok, Kenneth K. Y. Wong,
12P-4Application of Two Upstream Wavelength In Fairness and Priority Environments
Jeauk Park, Byungchul Choi, Youngil Park,
12P-5Traffic Grooming & Wavelength Assignment System over WWW for Regional WDM Optical IP Networks
Akira Ueno, Satoshi Kawase, Masahiro Taniue, Osanori Koyama, Yutaka Katsuyama,
12P-6Design Tool for Wavelength Routing Functions
Genichi Mouri, Kohei Okada, Kimio Oguchi,
12P-7Filterless Optical Networks: A Unique and Novel Passive WAN Network Solution
Christine Tremblay, Francois Gagnon, Benoit Chatelain, Eric Bernier, Michel P. Belanger,
12P-8Wavelength Monitoring of NRZ signal Using NRZ-to-PRZ Conversion by π-Phase Shifted FBG
Tae-Young Kim, Masanori Hanawa, Choong Kuen Oh, Chang-Soo Park,
12P-9A spatial BER contour for indoor visible light LAN and mobile networking
Swook Hann, Hyung-Sik Jang, Yun-Jung Choi, Jung-Hun Kim, Dong-Hwan Ki,