12th Optoelectronics and Communications Conference/16th International Conference on Integrated Optics and Optical Fiber Communication

number title/author
11D3-1Very Low Noise AlInAs Avalanche Photodiodes with Gain-Bandwidth product of 140 GHz
M. Achouche, A. Rouvie, J. Decobert, N. Lagay, F. Pommereau, D. Carpentie,
11D3-2Wide Temperature Range 1.25-Gb/s Burst-Mode Receiver Chip Set for G-PON Optical Receiver
Y. Tsunoda, S. Ide, T. Yamabana, Y. Hattori, S. Sakuramoto, T. Matsuyama, K. Mori,
11D3-3Characterization of Metal/Semiconductor/Metal Photo Diode for Optical Interface of Single-Flux-Quantum Circuit
Satoshi Shinada, Hirotaka Terai, Naoya Wada, Zhen Wang, Tetsuya Miyazaki,
11D3-4Novel Optical Interconnection for Silicon-on-insulator Waveguide Tap Monitor
Shih-Hsiang Hsu,
11D3-5High-Speed (>55 GHz) Electro-Absorption Modulator Based on Two-Step Undercut Active Region Waveguide
T. H. Wu, F. Z. Lin, D.R. Lee, Y. J. Chiu,