12th Optoelectronics and Communications Conference/16th International Conference on Integrated Optics and Optical Fiber Communication

number title/author
10B1-1Ultra high capacity WDM transmission using CSRZ-DQPSK format and extended L-band optical amplifiers
Akihide Sano, Hiroji Masuda, Eiji Yoshida, Yutaka Miyamoto,
10B1-2Performance improvement of DPSK signal transmission by a phase-preserving amplitude limiter
Tetsuji Kamio, Kenichi Sanuki, Masayuki Matsumoto,
10B1-3Suppression of BER fluctuations by electrical equalizer in the ultra-long 43Gb/s transmission experiments
Toshiharu Ito,
10B1-4Statistics of PMD Outages
Misha Brodsky,