the 2014 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications

number title/author
D1L-B1A Predistorter Based on the Least-Mean Squares Newton Algorithm
Azzedine Zerguine, Oualid Hammi, Abubakr H. Abdelhafiz, Fadhel Ghannouchi,
D1L-B2The footstep classification using continuous DP matching and threshold
Hiroshi Yasukawa, Akitoshi Itai,
D1L-B3Designing IIR Filters with Variable Stopband Using Necessary and Sufficient Stability Criterion
Toma Miyata, Naoyuki Aikawa,
D1L-B4A Fast and Accurate Algorithm for IIR Adaptive Notch Filter Using Monotonically Increasing Function
Yosuke SUGIURA, Naoyuki AIKAWA,
D1L-B5A fast converging improved NLMS algorithm for spares system’s identification
Shihab Jimaa, Luis Weruaga, Ammar Sadiq, Hamad Alhammadi, Tetsuya Shimamura,