the 2014 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications

number title/author
C1L-B1Constructing a lattice model supporting highly mobile discrete breathers
Yusuke Doi, Kazuyuki Yoshimura,
C1L-B2Nonlinear Dynamics of a Quasi-One-Dimensional Model of Acoustic Metamaterials
Naoki Higashiyama, Yusuke Doi, Akihiro Nakatani,
C1L-B3Hard-Type Nonlinearity Moving Discrete Breathers in Crystals and Their Interaction with a Vacancy
Sergey V. Dmitriev, Alexander S. Semyonov, Andrei A. Kistanov, Ramil T. Murzaev,
C1L-B4Propagating waves observed in a bistable oscillator array
Kuniyasu SHIMIZU,
C1L-B5Nonlinear Localized Oscillations Excited in Forced Mass-Spring Chains
YosukeWatanabe, Takunobu Nishida, Nobumasa Sugimoto,