The 2010 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications

number title/author
B2L-D1Horseshoe Chaos in the Nano?Electro?Mechanical Casimir Nonlinear Oscillator
Michele Bonnin, Pier Paolo Civalleri, Marco Gilli,
B2L-D2Forced Chaos Generator with CMOS Variable Active Inductor Circuit
Yusuke Tsubaki, Munehisa Sekikawa, Yoshihiko Horio,
B2L-D3Chaos in Chua’s Oscillator with Chua’s Diode and Memristor
Tuyen Tran Xuan, Nguyen Tien Dzung, Thang Manh Hoang,
B2L-D4Chaos Synchronization in Coupled Delayed Two-stage Colpitts Circuits for UWB Communications
Hien Quang Vu, Nguyen Tien Dzung, Vu Van Yem, Thang Manh Hoang,
B2L-D5An Energy Based Investigation of Rossler Type Chaos on Chua’s Circuit
Mustafa Kosem, N. Serap Sengor,