the 2014 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications

number title/author
A2L-A1Border Collisions and Chattering in State Feedback Controlled Boost Converters
D. Giaouris, C. Yfoulis, F. Stergiopoulos, C. Ziogou, S. Voutetakis, S. Papadopoulou,
A2L-A2Feed-forward Chaos Control of a Buck Converter
Jos D. Morcillo, Gerard Olivar, Fabiola Angulo,
A2L-A3From theory to experiments in a ZAD-controlled buck converter
Daniel Burbano, Fabiola Angulo, Gerard Olivar,
A2L-A4Stability and Power Characteristics of a Simplified Model of Boost Converter with Photovoltaic Input
Maho Wakabayashi, Toshiyasu Ohata, Toshimichi Saito,
A2L-A5A new software for stability and bifurcation analysis of switched dynamical systems
K. Mandal, A. Abusorrah, M. M. Al-Hindawi, Y. Al-Turki, S. Banerjee,
A2L-A6Analytical Determination of Fast-Scale Stability Boundaries in Switched Mode Power Converters by Analyzing their Steady-State Response to Periodic and Subharmonic Excitations
A. El Aroudi,