2007 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications

number title/author
19PM1-A-1Terahertz Wave Oscillations in a Solid State Plasma without an Irradiation of the Laser Beams
Katsutoshi Kamakura,
19PM1-A-2Further Investigation for the SVD-based Analysis of Dynamical Noise on Chaos
Masaru Todoriki, Shuichi Hasegawa,
19PM1-A-3A Numerical Study on Invariant Manifold Related to Transition of Intrinsic Localized Mode in Coupled Cantilever Array
Masayuki Kimura, Takashi Hikihara,
19PM1-A-4Nonlinear Dynamics of a Flexible Rotor in Active Magnetic Bearings
Jawaid I. Inayat-Hussain,
19PM1-A-5On Analysis and Control of the Cart-Pendulum System Modeled by Discrete Mechanics
Tatsuya KAI, Yohei YAMAMOTO,