2007 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications

number title/author
19AM2-B-1New measures for estimating neural network structures only from multi-spike sequences
Tohru Ashizawa, Daisuke Haraki, Tohru Ikeguchi,
19AM2-B-2An adaptive observer design for biological neural network identification
Yu Mao, Wallace Tang, Ljupco Kocarev,
19AM2-B-3Significance of LTD Window in the Range of Positive Spike Timing of STDP Rule for Theta Phase Coding in a Network Having Background Noise
Jun Igarashi, Hatsuo Hayashi,
19AM2-B-4Emergence of self-organized structures in a neural network using two types of STDP learning rules
Hideyuki Kato, Koji Han-nuki, Takayuki Kimura, Tohru Ikeguchi,