2007 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications

number title/author
19AM2-A-1Modeling Knowledge Sharing Portal Activities using a Multiplicative Random Process with a Birth and Death Mechanism
Kenichi Arai, Takeshi Yamada, Yukio Hayashi,
19AM2-A-2Replicator Dynamics with Dynamic Payoff Reallocation Based on the Government’s Payoff
Takafumi KANAZAWA, Hayato GOTO, Toshimitsu USHIO,
19AM2-A-3Performance Consensus Problem of Multi-agent Systems with Multiple State Variables
Naoki Hayashi, Toshimitsu Ushio,
19AM2-A-4Genetic Algorithm-based Parameter Optimization of Tsallis Distribution and Its Application to Financial Markets
Kangrong Tan, Shozo Tokinaga,