2007 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications

number title/author
19AM1-B-1An Investigation on the Absolute Stability of Discrete and Continuous Time Lur’e Systems
Roisin Duignan, Paul F. Curran,
19AM1-B-2Complexity Analysis for EEGs with Symbolic Entropy
Ying Liu, Minfen Shen, Wallace K. S. Tang,
19AM1-B-3Synchronization in Chaotic Spiking Neural Networks Using An Extended CSM-Schame
Dai Maegawa, Kenji Murao, Kenji Ohno, Shao Jia,
19AM1-B-4Synchronization in coupled Morris-Lecar neurons with class I and class II excitability
Ryosuke Ochi, Hiroyuki Kitajima,