The 2008 International Symposium on Nonlinear Theory and its Applications

number title/author
A2L-D1Simplified DFT for Hand Posture Recognition System
Hiroomi Hikawa, Hirotada Fujimura,
A2L-D2Noise-assisted detection in distributed detection system with inhomogeneous signal levels
Shin Mizutani, Kenichi Arai, Peter Davis, Naoki Wakamiya, Masayuki Murata,
A2L-D3Sequential Superparamagnetic Clustering as a Predictor of Visual Fixations
Tom Jasa, Thomas Lanz , Thomas Ott, Ruedi Stoop,
A2L-D4Stochastic Resonance in Retinomorphic Neural Networks with Nonidentical Photoreceptors and Noisy McCulloch-Pitts Neurons
Akira Utagawa, Tetsuya Asai, Tohru Sahashi, Yoshihito Amemiya,