The 31st International Technical Conference on Circuits/Systems, Computers and Communications (ITC-CSCC 2016)

number title/author
M3-5-1Adaptive Mode Selection for Low Complexity Enhancement Layer Encoding of SHVC
Kazuki Kuroda, Takafumi Katayama, Tian Song, Takashi Shimamoto ,
M3-5-2Proposal of Haze Removal Method with Adjustable Processing Degree
Yi Ru, Go Tanaka ,
M3-5-3Exemplar-Based Image Inpainting Using Context-Aware Approach
Yusuke Murakami, Koichi Ichige ,
M3-5-4Accurate Feature Point Tracking for Omnidirectional Image Sequence
Hiroshi Tada, Koichi Ichige ,
M3-5-5Local Signal-Dependent Noise Estimation on Texture Domain for CFA Raw Images
Kyu-Ho Lee, Jong-Ok Kim ,
M3-5-6Embedded Implementation Model of 2-D Non-separable Oversampled Lapped Transforms for Video Processing
Keita Imai, Shogo Muramatsu ,