The 31st International Technical Conference on Circuits/Systems, Computers and Communications (ITC-CSCC 2016)

number title/author
M2-5-1Fast Image Compression Using Enhanced Singular Value Decomposition
Harris Kristanto Husien, Wannida Sae-Tang ,
M2-5-2Granularly-Spatial Lossless Embedded Compression Algorithm on Memory Bandwidth Reduction for Video Codec Applications
Guo-Siang Huang, Yu-Hsuan Lee ,
M2-5-3Evolution of Contours for Shape Recognition
Ukrit Watchareeruetai, Kriangkrai Phanjan ,
M2-5-4An Adaptive Search Range Selection Algorithm for HEVC
Yoshiki Ito, Wen Shi, Tian Song, Takashi Shimamoto ,
M2-5-5Color Change Detection based on Wavelet Variance
Jong Ju Jeon, Hyun Jun Shin, Il Kyu Eom ,
M2-5-6Hardware Oriented Early CU Splitting Algorithm by Coding Unit Feature Analysis for HEVC
Ryo Kuroda, Wen Shi, Tian Song, Takashi Shimamoto ,