The International Symposium on Information Theory and Its Applications

number title/author
We-PM-2-4.1Post Encryption Compression with Affine Encoders for Secrecy Amplification in Distributed Source Encryption with Correlated Keys
Bagus Santoso, Yasutada Oohama,
We-PM-2-4.2Distributed Hypothesis Testing with Privacy Constraints
Selma Belhadj Amor, Atefeh Gilani, Sadaf Salehkalaibar, Vincent Y. F. Tan,
We-PM-2-4.3A new proof of an inequality between two secrecy exponents
Michiwaki Ukyo, Yutaka Jitsumatsu,
We-PM-2-4.4A Finite Block Length Achievability Bound for Low Probability of Detection Communication
Nick Letzepis,