The International Symposium on Information Theory and Its Applications

number title/author
We-AM-1-4.1Novel Signal-Code Construction for Multiple Access System over Vector-Disjunctive Channel
Fedor Ivanov, Pavel Rybin,
We-AM-1-4.2Recursive Construction of k-Ary Uniquely Decodable Codes for Multiple-Access Adder Channel
Shan Lu, Wei Hou, Jun Cheng, Hiroshi Kamabe,
We-AM-1-4.3Contributions to Successive Decoding for Multiple Access Channels
Lorant Farkas, Tamas Koi,
We-AM-1-4.4Slepian-Wolf Coding with Side-Information Having Insertion/Deletion Errors
Haruhiko Kaneko,
We-AM-1-4.5Multi-Terminal Codes Using Constrained-Random-Number Generators
Jun Muramatsu, Shigeki Miyake,