The International Symposium on Information Theory and Its Applications

number title/author
Mo-PM-2-1.1Shaping Gain of Lattices Based on Convolutional Codes and Construction A
Fan Zhou, Brian M. Kurkoski,
Mo-PM-2-1.2Reliability-Based Parametric LDLC Decoding
Warangrat Wiriya, Brian M. Kurkoski,
Mo-PM-2-1.3The Double-Plane Algorithm:A simple algorithm for the closest vector problem
Ferdinand Blomqvist, Marcus Greferath,
Mo-PM-2-1.4On quotient metrics and decoding problems
Ferdinand Blomqvist,
Mo-PM-2-1.5Further Results on the Error Correction Capability of Irregular LDPC Codes under the Gallager A Algorithm
Masanori Hirotomo, Hiroto Tamiya, Masakatu Morii,