The International Symposium on Information Theory and Its Applications

number title/author
Mo-AM-1-1.1Cardinalities of BAD Correcting Codes
Takehiko Mori, Manabu Hagiwara,
Mo-AM-1-1.2An Improvement of Non-binary Code Correcting Single b-Burst of Insertions or Deletions
Toyohiko Saeki, Takayuki Nozaki,
Mo-AM-1-1.3Formalization of Insertion/Deletion Codes and the Levenshtein Metric in Lean
Justin Kong, David J. Webb, Manabu Hagiwara,
Mo-AM-1-1.4Soft-Decision Decoding for DNA-Based Data Storage
Mu Zhang, Kui Cai, Kees A. Schouhamer Immink, Pingping Chen,
Mo-AM-1-1.5On Constant GC-content Cyclic DNA Codes With Long Codewords
Ramy Taki ElDin, Hajime Matsui,