The 2020 International Symposium on Information Theory and its Applications

number title/author
C04-1A Parallel Blum-Micali Generator Based on the Gauss Periods
Yuta Kodera, Tomoya Tatara, Takuya Kusaka, Yasuyuki Nogami, Satoshi Uehara,
C04-2A Study on Randomness of Sequences Obtained from Piecewise Logistic Map over Integers
Sota Eguchi, Takeru Miyazaki, Shunsuke Araki, Satoshi Uehara, Yasuyuki Nogami,
C04-3Almost perfect sequence family with perfect crosscorrelation
Gangsan Kim, Hong-Yeop Song,
C04-4A Study on Binary Sequences Located in Hadamard Matrices of Order \(2^n\)
Kasumi Nakano, Kako Takahashi, Satoshi Uehara, Takeru Miyazaki, Shunsuke Araki, Yasuyuki Nogami,